Top API Integrations

Below are some of the most common API integrations used in Multi Vendor Marketplaces.

Payment & Payout Flow

Stripe Connect

Stripe, or collectively "Stripe Connect" - is the industry standard for marketplace payments.

Stripe Connect seamlessly handles buyer payments, platform commission fee deductions, and the seller payout flow in marketplaces.

We have very in-depth knowledge & experience with Stripe Connect. Beyond the payment & payout flow - We can also help implement a wide variety of different payment method options (Direct Debits, Bank Transfers, Wallets).


Alternatively, is another great marketplace payment provider.

Although Stripe Connect does offer "escrow-like" behavior, Stripe is not an escrow.

We generally recommend Escrow over Stripe if your marketplace deals with large transaction sizes and/or sells products & services that have unknown delivery dates.

Calendar Sync

Nylas API seamlessly integrates your users calendar. Your marketplace's seller's can seamlessly connect their calendars via Google and Microsoft OAuth.

Real-time calendar data retrieved from Nylas API can be used to block off unavailable dates and timeslots from your marketplace seller's booking calendar.

If your marketplace needs real-time calendar data, then Nylas is the perfect solution!

Real-Time Chat
Stripe Connect

For certain types of marketplaces, such as Gig or Rentals & Bookings - fast, effective, and seamless communication between Buyers & Sellers is extremely vital to successfully converting & closing the sale.

The Socket.IO web socket API can be integrated to provide real-time chat between Buyers & Sellers.

If you're interested in implementing real-time chat into your marketplace, please contact us.